Some Legal stuff

After writing the blog on “giving opinion” and seeing a friend’s own weblog, I figured I really ought to put up a disclaimer.  So here it is:

The views and opinions expressed on this site are not to be considered representative of any organisation, company, group or person – which may include the views and opinions of the author himself!

This is a private weblog and is not connected to or affiliated with any organisation, company or business (with the exception of those terribly nice people at WordPress who’ve let me use their space to rant).

Any comments put forward onto this site will be the views of the commentor and not of Magpieschest or any of the awfully nice people mentioned above.

Wherever possible where a comment, thought etc has come from someone else or somewhere else I will endeavour to suitably comment and allocate reference.  However, being human it’s entirely possible that I may forget to do this – in which case I apologise for forgetting in advance.  Let me know and I’ll suitably amend where possible.

No animals were intentionally harmed during the making of the blogs – although one cat has had to be removed from the room after tap dancing on the keyboard whilst I wrote this.

Y’all have a nice day now… and be nice to each other.


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